Financial Management System

United Learning is a unique group of independent and state schools working together to achieve the best in everyone.

Our vision is to provide an extraordinary education, preparing pupils for life and influencing educational practice and policy. A high quality, user-friendly Financial Management System (FMS) is essential to the successful operation of our organisation.

United Learning is inviting suppliers to tender for provision of a full-featured FMS product and associated services to meets the Trust’s needs.

We seek a Financial Management System capable of being hosted on the public cloud, with functions including: General Ledger, Budget Management, Cash Management, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, Expenses, and Data Analysis & Reporting.

The Supplier is also expected to provide a service to the Trust for implementation and support of the FMS that includes: Project Management, Migration (the incumbent product is PS Financials, centrally hosted), Configuration Support, Integration with Third Party Software (including but not limited to iSAMS, a browser based student information system), Bespoke Customisation (as needed), Training, Ongoing Support, and Documentation (e.g. technical, service, training).

We are running a full OJEU procurement for the selection of our new partner.  Through the restricted procedure, our process includes a pre-qualification stage requiring responses to a questionnaire.  A short-list of the most suitable suppliers will then be invited to tender.  Please refer to our OJEU Notice published on 28th Jan 2016 (Ref: 2016-011953).

If you are interested in working with United Learning in delivering the above, please register your interest (or login) to gain access to the tender documents. Rest assured that your details will be kept confidential and only be used in relation to this tender and granting you access to this portal.

If you are interested in working with United Learning in delivering the above, click here to access to the tender documents (you will need to register or login).

Click here to view the GL Tender Bidders Day Presentation 10-02-2016 


If you have any queries, please contact us. As per the guidelines we are required to make public answers to questions submitted by interested parties. These will be detailed below in reverse date order (latest first). 

Additional Information

  • Where in our clarification responses, we have identified an item that is ‘no longer a requirement’, Bidders are instructed to leave blank the Bidder Response in the dropdown for that item within the FMS Specification Worksheet.  Please retain all specification numbering for ease of evaluation.  You will not be evaluated based upon responses to any items that are identified within clarifications as no longer a requirement.

  • The Users Growth tab within Appendix F – ITT Supplementary Information v3.0 was updated and sent to bidders via clarification.  Bidders are instructed to use these user values for the pricing of their proposals.  (As a courtesy, we originally included a duplicate of the user numbers as a tab within the FMS Specification Worksheet.  We have chosen against updating the FMS Specification Worksheet as we are aware Bidders are likely to be inputting to their own working version of this document.  Please refer to the Users Growth tab within the updated Appendix F for the values we wish you to use for your cost model submissions and disregard the Users tab originally included in the FMS Specification Worksheet.)

  • It has been drawn to our attention that the language we used to describe user types in our update of Appendix F may be somewhat confusing.  Where we refer to users as ‘read only and inactive users’, this should read ‘read only and infrequent users’.