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United Learning is mainly funded by government monies for operating our academies.  Since it is financed for the most part by public monies it is subject to the Public Contracts Regulations 2006 as amended (the EU Regulations).  

As a publicly funded body, in accordance with EU Regulations, United Learning procurements which exceed the EU thresholds must be advertised in OJEU and the tender process must comply with the EU Procurement Directives.  Where there are existing frameworks that meet our needs we will use them as this saves time and resources. It also reduces potential risk to United Learning.

The Public Contract Regulations contain detailed rules on procurement that take effect for contracts over the following thresholds.  There are less rigorous rules governing contracts below these thresholds, though fairness, transparency and non-discrimination must always be evidenced.  As from 1 January 2014 the thresholds were:

Goods - £172,514; Services - £172,514; Works - £4,322,012. Further details can be found here

The Public Contracts Regulations can be found on the Government’s website.

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